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Trachymene incisa (Wild Parsnip) is a slow-growing but rewarding addition to your bush foods veggie patch. Growing to 30 centimetres tall, Wild Parnsip has dainty white flowers from its second year of growth onwards and is a perfect rockery and border plant. It is also a suitable bush food plant to be grown in a pot on a balcony. Wild Parsnip has a fragrant, sweet taproot which has the potential to replace exotic parsnip and carrot which its flavour has been compared to. They taste best when young (3 years growth) but it's best to plant out a few at a time and let them grow into a clump before harvesting. Being in the APIACEAE family together with carrots and celery and of course parsnip, it's flower is an umbel which attracts beneficial insects to your garden such as hover flies and damselflies. It requires drainage so if not grown in a pot, add sand or  small rocks when planting. In its natural habitat, Wild Parsnip prefers sandy soils.

Trachymene incisa (Wild Parsnip)

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