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White Correa (Corea alba) occurs from northern New South Wales south to Tasmania. It is also known as Cape Barren Tea as early setters in Tasmania, the sealers of the Bass Straits in particuar, used it to replace English tea when their supplies dwindled. It's flavour is likened to jasmine tea and it is best drunk without milk.  Like Westringia which it commonly occurs in association with in nature, White Correa has attractive silver foliage which can be pruned into balls and other shapes. Unlike the other Correas, its white flowers are more open than tubuar. White Correa is one of the hardiest bush food plants in Austrailia, with its silver woolly (underside) leaves coping with first line of salt (ie can be planted where salt laden winds are prevalent), frost, full sun and droughts. White Correa grows to 1.5 metres. Eastern Spinebills seem to have evolved directly in association with the Correa genus which means you will be able to enjoy a cuppa of Cape Barren Tea while watching these precious little birds flutter around your garden! 

Correa alba (White Correa)

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