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Binomial Name:  Austrostipa ramosissima


Common Name:  Stout Bamboo Grass


Family:  POACEAE


Flower:  Panicle with white hairs, large fine inflorescence


Fruit: Awn


Flowering Period:  Year round


Height: 2.5 metres


Width: 1 metre


Habit:  Grass


Aspect: Full sun, morning sun, enjoys moisture so mulch and water regularly until established


Soil Type: Clay to sandy soils (add compost to sandy soil for best results)


Soil pH:  5.5. to 6.5


Fertiliser Treatment: Recommend rock minerals, slow release low phosoporus fertiliser suitable for natives, benefits from Seasol when being planted out, benenfits from fish emulsion and blood and bone. Can use pelletised chicken manures also beneficial as a mulch. Benefits from compost being incorporated into the soil when the hole is dug


Mulch: Eucalyptus mulch (small to fine chips or leaf) is very beneficial for Aussie plants. Sugar cane mulch can be used up top 50mm thickness


Root System: Contained. Not invasive


Drought Tolerant: Once established. Keep well watered in first 2 years until waist high. Water in dry periods


Frost Tolerant: Yes


Salt Wind Tolerant: Yes


Fire Response:  Yes. Recovers well from burning


Host Requred: No


Fast Growing: Moderate 


Gardens: Coastal, mountain, native gardens, sensory gardens, native herbaceous borders


Natural Occurrence: Occurs south-east Queensland to southern New South Wales both inland and coastal with isolated occurrences in north Queensland. It occurs in well-drained gullies near forests and woodland.


Known Plant Associations:  Angophora subvelutina, Eucalyptus elata, Backhousia myrtifolia, Tristaniopsis laurina, Banksia integrifolia


Known Fauna Associations:  Various seed eating bird species (eg finches), reptiles


Other Information:  Does best in dapled light where it has access to moisture or where water puddles but then drains. This is a good replaceent for exotic urple Fountain Grass (Pennisetum advena 'Rubrum') and Miscanthus species which are often used in herbaceous borders and wild meadow gardens. The is a C3 Winter growing grass so it can be cut back at the end of Winter to invigorate growth. Bamboo like canes lend this grass to being used as a feature plant. It works on well on balconies as a pot plant where it can be watered with the water draining away. It is particularly striking in tall pots so the long canes and panicles catch both the wind and the sunlight.





Austrostipa ramosissima (Stout Bamboo Grass)

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