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Binomial Name:  Angophora costata


Common Name: Smooth-Barked Apple Gum




Leaves:  Dark green, lance-shaped, 6-16 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, opposite, menthol scented


Stem/Trunk: Gnarled and crooked trunk, pink to pale grey, rusty-stained bark, smooth bark


Flower: White, very showy, terminal coymbs , individual flowers 2cm wide


Fruit:  Seed capsule, golbet shaped with prominent ribs


Flowering Period:  Mid to late Summer


Height:  Up to 25 metres


Width: 15 metre canopy


Habit:  Tree


Aspect: Full sun to filtered light, morning sun, occasional moisture so mulch and water regularly until established


Soil Type: Sandy soils (add compost to sandy soil for best results) to clay soils with drainage


Soil pH: 5.5 to 7.5


Fertiliser Treatment: Recommend rock minerals, slow release low phosoporus fertiliser suitable for natives, benefits from Seasol when being planted out, benefits from fish emulsion and blood and bone. Can use pelletised chicken manures also beneficial as a mulch. Benefits from compost being incorporated into the soil when the hole is dug


Mulch: Eucalyptus mulch (small to fine chips or leaf) is very beneficial for Aussie plants. Sugar cane mulch can be used up top 50mm thickness


Root System: Contained. Not invasive


Drought Tolerant:  Once established


Frost Tolerant: No. Will cope with light frosts


Salt Wind Tolerant: Yes


Fire Response: Yes. Will recover from burning if cool fires


Host Requred: No


Fast Growing: Moderate


Gardens:  Native gardens, feature tree, avenue plantings, windbreaks, sandstone gardens


Natural Occurrence: Occurs inland central Queensland to coastal New South Wales


Known Plant Associations:  Eucalyptus piperita, Syncarpia glomulifera, Allocasuarina torulosa, Eucalyptus botryoides, Monotoca elliptica, Macrozamia communis

Known Fauna Associations: Crimson Rosella, Grey Headed Flying Fox, Little Red Flying Fox


Other Information: Culture associations are ascribed to this species. Grows well in rocky soil




Angophora costata (Smooth-Barked Apple Gum) grows up to 25 metres and has a gnarled trunk/limbs and white flowers. It prefers morning sun and sheltered sites but will tolerate full sun. 

Angophora costata (Smooth-Barked Apple Gum)

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