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Citrus australis (Round Lime) is also known as the Gympie Lime and Australian Round Lime. Round Lime is the most productive of Australia's native citrus, producing large green limes which, when peeled, have an interesting texture and appearance, having been described as looking like a human brain. Slightly more sour than an exotic lime, Round Lime is drought tolerant once established and grows to a height of 6 metres. It has fragrant white orange blossoms and is a host plant for the Orchard swallowtail, Dingy swallowtail and Capaneus butterfly butterfly and a habitate plant for the Checkered Swallowtail butterfly. Round Lime needs to be planted in full sun. It wil benefit from the usual citrus fertiliser treatments (ie fertilise every month except during Winter and between flowering and fruiting) until established. The fruit is popular with jam makers and it also makes a refreshing drink. Exotic citrus will often turn up its toes when it gets really cold but Round Lime is surprisngly tolerant of cold weather so long as you don't give it excess water. 

Citrus australis (Round Lime)