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Brachychiton rupestris (Queensland Bottle Tree) is an iconic architectural tree that has special significance for our people as they were the mast trees pointing the way to the various mobs around Australia who had made the journey every 3 years over long distances to Boobarran Ngummin (Bunya Mountains) for the Bonye Bonye (Bunya Nut festival). Slow growing and often living for hundreds of years in dry semi-arid regions, Queensland Bottle Trees  (also called Narrow-Leaved Bottle Trees) stand as sentinels in the Brigalow Belt of inland Queensland having their own ecosystem of endangered vine thickets named after them, 'bottletree scrub'. Queensland Bottle Trees are succulent in form as they store water in their bulbous trunks giving them their eponymous bottle shape. They have cream coloured flowers and are deciduous from mid to late Spring. They are drought tolerant. Their seed is edible and can be roasted and ground to infuse flour with a nutty flavour.  Queensland Bottle Trees are a host plant for the Harlequin Beetle.  They are also a host for Dendrophthoe glabrescens, commonly known as Orange Mistletoe which has a sweet edible berry. Queensland Bottle Trees also make for beautiful bonsai specimens should you not have space for a tree in your garden. As a tree, Queensland Bottle Tree grows 10 to 20 metres but it will take many years to reach that height. They need to be planted in a full sun position. Avoid over watering. 

Brachychiton rupestris (Queensland Bottle Tree)

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