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Related to the Citrus genus in the family RUTACEAE, treat this delicious Glycosmis trifoliata (Pink Lime Berry) as though it were a citrus with full sun and monthly fertiiliser (not required in Winter, not to be fertilised between flowering and fruiting) and you will be rewarded with its bounty! Morning sun is best for this citrus. It will also handle part shade. Pink Lime Berry grows 4 to 8 metres in the tropics where it's from but in most gardens, Pink Lime Berry will grow no more than 4 metres. It can be pruned to 2 metres or less and does well in big pots. With its glossy green leaves,  Pink Lime Berry can also can be used to screen off neighbours or for an edible bush tucker hedge with rainforest effect. Pink Lime Berry is also the host plant of the Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly so plant a few if you want a butterfly garden. 

Glycosmis trifoliata (Pink Lime Berry)

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