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Prostanthera ovalifolia (Oval-Leaf Mintbush) is an edible bush food that lends itself to a wide range of dishes and beverages due to its highly aromatic foliage which has a very strong taste.  When its mauve to purple flowers are in bloom, you will be entranced by this beautiful creature whose leaves you nibbled on - truly one of Australia's most spectacular plants in flower. Oval-Leaf Mintbush can grow to a height of 5 metres but usually reaches 2 metres. It prefers a site in morning sun only or light shade where it has soil moisture so mulching will assist. Oval-Leaf Mintbush will become most upset with you if you let her become water-logged or if you let her dry out completely so if you mound her then mulch her and try and keep the water up to her, Miss Oval-Leaf Mintbush will happily reward you with her earthly delights. 

Prostanthera ovalifolia (Oval-Leaf Mintbush)

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