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Olearia 'Ghost Town' or Woolly Daisy Bush is a found sub-species of Olearia languinosa. Olearia 'Ghost Town' has one of the most complex tastes of our bush foods, being described as a native version of thyme but in reality, having a pungent taste that is difficult to categorise. You only need the smallest amount to make an impact to the taste of anything you add it to. Olearia 'Ghost Town' has 'ghostly' white foliage which would serve as a highlight in any garden or landscape setting. It is happy in a pot on a balcony and loves hot Western sun with full sun and soils with adequate drainage being essential. Mound it up if you have clay soil. Drought tolerant and capable of surviving without extra water once established, this is a sustainable bush food of the future. Olearia 'Ghost Town' grows to 70cm high so it can be used as a low border hedge. Olearia 'Ghost Town' flowers in Spring like other Olearia languinosa species but flowering is erratic and dependent on climatic conditions. When it does flower, it attracts bees and insects. Olearia 'Ghost Town' is mostly enjoyed for its foliage and form and of course, its very unique taste. 

Olearia 'Ghost Town' (Woolly Daisy Bush, Olearia 'Ghost Town')

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