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Atriplex nummalaria (Old Man Saltbush) is one of the toughest bush foods in Australia. Growing in arid and semi arid regions of inland Australia, Old Man Saltbush can grow to a height of 3 metres but is usually less. Old Man Saltbush is a healthier alternative to salt containing  20 per cent less sodium. Its silver leaves make for a crisp tasty salad and it is the perfect accompaniment to kangaroo and lamb. Livestock fed on saltbush are much in demand.  Old Man Saltbush does best in alkaline soils so if you don't have naturally alkaline soils, add a few handfuls of dolomite lime to your planting hole or potting mix for best resuilts.  There are 61 species of Atriplex in Australia.  Old Man Saltbush can be pruned into a hedge or shaped into balls, columns or upturned cones so even if you live in an arid or semi arid region of Australia, you can still Edward Scissorhands away until your heart's content. Old Man Saltbush's silver foliage makes this plant an excellent choice as an accent plant in dry gardens as well as edible bush foods gardens.

Atriplex nummalaria (Old Man Saltbush)

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