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WIth its soft silver foliage, Sophora tomentosa (Necklacepod) is a pantropical plant that is endangered in Australia where it occurs on Fraser Island and in the Noosa region and north along the Queensland coast. Necklacepod also occurs in North and South America where it is a habitat plant for hummingbirds. Necklacepod requires soils that drain as it occurs on sand dunes naturally. It is a habitat plant for numerous bird, butterfly and insect species in Australia. In a garden, Necklacepod is a highly tactile plant whose soft silver foliage is just crying out to be touched. Its yellow flowers are wisteria-like and a feature in any landscape together with its long pendulous seed pods. Necklacepod requires full sun and grows to a height of 3 metres.

Sophora tomentosa (Necklacepod)

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