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Binomial Name:  Sophora tomentosa


Common Name: Necklacepod


Family:  FABACEAE 


Leaves:  Leaves are soft (tomentose - finely hairy), silver, ovate leaflets highly tactile


Stem/Trunk: Upright shrub form with multiple branches


Flower:  Yellow pendulous pea flowers


Fruit: A long bean givijng it the name necklacepod


Flowering Period:  Winter


Height: 3 to 5 metres


Width:  1 metre 


Habit:  Soft shrub 


Aspect:  Full sun, protected from strong winds 


Soil Type:  Sandy soils or soils with drainage (mound up if on clay). Does well in large pots


Soil pH:  Prefers neutral soil 6.0 to 7.0


Fertiliser Treatment: Recommend rock minerals, slow release low phosoporus fertiliser suitable for natives, benefits from Seasol when being planted out, benenfits from fish emulsion and blood and bone. Can use pelletised chicken manures also beneficial as a mulch. Benefits from compost being incorporated into the soil when the hole is dug


Mulch:  Eucalyptus mulch (small to fine chips or leaf) is very beneficial for Aussie plants. Sugar cane mulch can be used up top 50mm thickness


Root System:  Contained. Not invasive


Drought Tolerant:  Once established provided planted in the correct full sun microclimate


Frost Tolerant:  Moderately but does best in coastal areas on sandy soil


Salt Wind Tolerant:  Yes


Fire Response:  Yes. Cool fires only


Host Requred:  No


Fast Growing:  Moderate 


Gardens:  Native gardens,  medicinal gardens, sensory gardens (foliage)


Natural Occurrence:  Port Macquarie to Fraser Island Coast, coastal Northern Territory. Endangered in all occurrences. Pantropical. 

Known Plant Associations:  Coastal sand dune species, Carpobrotus glaucescens, Scaevola calendulaceae, Ipomea pes-caprae, Spinfex sericeus


Known Fauna Associations:  Nectar feeding birds, hummingbird habitat plant in California


Other Information:  Many cultural uses are ascribed to this plant species. Medicinal.



Sophora tomentosa (Necklacepod)

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