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Prostanthera incisa var sieberi (Cut-Leaf Mint Bush) is one of the most aromatic of Australia's bush foods. It's taste is incredibly complex ,offering use for the plant's leaves and flowers in teas, salads and as a herb that is guaranteed to make your tastebuds sing. It's the perfect accompaniment as a dressing, herb rub or stuffing for kangaroo, emu, chicken and lamb. The stem can also be used in cooking. A Cut-Leaf Mint Bush in flower is truly a sight to behold, its pretty pink purple flowers in abundance attracting insects such as native bees. Cut-Leaf Mint Bush needs a sheltered filtered light position and needs soils that are moist but have good drainage. It occurs naturally in rainforest margins, predominantly in the coastal mountain regions of New South Wales.  Cut-Leaf Mint Bush grows to a height of 2 metres. It does best planted amongst eucalypts as there is believed to be a plant association with Cut-Leaf Mint Bush and various eucalypt species including Eucalyptus saligna, Eucalyptus amplifolia, Eucalyptus piperita,Corymbia gummifera, Syncarpia glomulifera as well as Casuarina cunninghamiana. 

Prostanthera incisa var sieberi (Cut-Leaf Mint Bush)

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