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Diploglottis australis (Native Tamarind), with its large velvety leaves, is a striking rainforest plant of eastern Australia that is suitable both as an indoor plant and as a canopy tree for rainforest-effect gardens and bush food gardens. It could also be used an Aussie sensory plant because of its leaves. Planted in a spot protected from strong winds, it is an important habitat tree for a host of Aussie birds including the brown cuckoo dove, crimson rosella, Australasian figbird, green catbird, regent bowerbird, Australian brush-turkey, rose-crowned fruit-dove and topknot pigeon. As a bush food, Native Tamarind is prized for its orange fruits which can be eaten raw or added to jams and chutneys. Native Tamarind fruit can also be used to make a tangy cool drink. It reaches a height of 10 to 15 metres. It does best in filtered light/part shade protected from Western sun. Native Tamarind copes well with cold temperatures and drought conditions but it does best planted amongst other trees where it is protected.

Diploglottis australis (Native Tamarind)

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