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Alpinia caerulea (Native Ginger) is a clumping plant with fragrant white flowers followed by edible blue berries. The leaves, berries and rhizome of Native Ginger all have a mild ginger taste used in cooking as well as to make a gentle soothing tea. Similarly to bamboo, the young growing tips are the mopst useful for cooking. It is used medicinally in similar ways to exotic ginger (eg for sore throats). Native Ginger attracts numerous fauna species which like to nibble on its leaves, berries and roots.  Native Ginger prefers shade with moisture needed in dry conditions. It grows 2 to 2.5 metres and can be used to create an informal garden border. Native Ginger is a useful screening plant and can be placed in pots. Native Ginger can also be used as an indoor plant. 



Alpinia caerulea (Native Ginger)

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