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Atractocarpus fitzlanii (Native Gardenia or Yellow Mangosteen) is an edible bush food that grows from northern Queensland to Mackay. Its delicate white flowers are comparable in scent to a gardenia so place this plant in a part shade position where you can enjoy its fragrance. The fragrant star-shaped flowers are followed by a hard-shelled fruit which contains a sweet tasting flesh comparable to mangosteen. The flesh can be eaten raw or used in salads, tarts or in drinks. Native Gardenia is a small tree growing to 6 metres whose narrow habit makes it suitable for most gardens. It especially works well in tropical and subtropical gardens. It also serves well as a screen for neighbours. Native Gardenia has glossy leaves so this is an architectural plant which can be used as an indoor pot or near a shaded living area. It needs moisture and warmth so mulch it and place it near a brick or rock wall to create heat. Native Gardenia needs to be kept away from hot western sun. 

Atractocarpus fitzlanii (Native Gardenia)

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