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Hymenosporum flavum (Native Frangipani) is the perfect screening plant though be warned, the delightful flowers, form and highly scented flowers of Native Frangipani might very well have that neighbour you're trying to screen off take more of an interest in your garden sanctuary! Growing to a height of 4 to 15 metres, Native Frangipani's tall linear form makes it a perfect choice for narrow spaces. It's attractive yellow-orange flowers are frangipani-like in scent and bring in lots of birds and bees especially native bees which seem to adore this plant. Native Frangipani is a wet eucalypst forest to marginal rainforest plant of Queensland and New South Wales that is drought tolerant once established. Pruning isn't advised for Native Frangipani so it is advised to just let it grow into its natural narrow linear form to encourage the flowers which you will be rewarded with year after year. Position it near your bedroom window or somewhere its scent can be enjoyed. Morning sun is best or light marginal shade.

Hymenosporum flavum (Native Frangipani)

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