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With its beautuf light to hot pink flowers, Brachychiton bidwillii (Little Kurrajong) has been described as Australia's very own version of the Cherry Tree. Little Kurrajong is the ideal small tree that should be in every Australian's front yard. Drought and frost tolerant and growing 2 to 5 metres in height, Little Kurrajong flowers deciduously and its boat-like seed pods (follicles) are habitat for the beautiful jewelled Harlequin Beetle which will delight all the little people in your life for hours on end. When roasted and ground (eg coffee bean grinder), Little Kurrajong's seed can be used as a substitute for coffee and it infuses a nutty taste to flour. They can be used as an informal deciduous hedge, a feature tree or a large specimen in a pot. Little Kurrajong will handle both full sun and part shade. Make sure it's protected when you plant it as all manner of Aussie wildlife love nibbling at its roots. Little Kurrajong seeds are a favourite of possums and melomys.

Brachychiton bidwillii (Little Kurrajong)

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