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Related to citrus being also in the RUTACEAE family, Micromelum minutum (Lime Berry) is THE Aussie bush tucker plant you need to grow if you want to bring the birds and butterflies to your garden. Growing to 3 metres, this is a great little small tree/shrub for small gardens and as a low to mid canopy shrub for attracting wildlife into your garden. The distinctive lime to pink coloured berries of Lime Berry ripen consecutively meaning you and the birds have an endless supply of yummy berries to eat. It's greenish cream flowers from April to August are highly fragrant and a magnet for butterflies especially so keep your  "Which Butterfly Is That?" guidebook handy as the Orchard, Capaneus and Ambrax butterflies will soon be fluttering past your window. 

Micromelum minutum (Lime Berry)

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