Grevillea "gold Cluster' is a beautiful groundcover that has masses of smaller spider like yellow flowers that appear mainly in winter and spring. The vibrant gold-yellow flowers contrast with the green creeping fnarrow leaves. It is more prostrate and dense than G. 'Molongolo' and spreads approximately 4' wide. Prune grevilleas early summer, the more grevilleas are pruned the more flowers they produce as they flower terminally. Excellent plant for growing in a container or for hanging over a wall. 

Biological Name:Grevillea 'juniperina 'Gold Cluster'

Common Name:Grevillea 'Gold Cluster'


Origin:Eastern Australia

Exposure:Full Sun to Partial Shade

Irrigation:Drought tolerant once established

Frost:Frost Tolerant 25F-18F (-8C)

Soil:Well-drained to poorly drained soils

Grevillea Juniperina - Gold Cluster