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Xanthorrhoea resinosa (Grass Tree) is an iconic Australian bush food esteemed for its multitude of uses. It is known as Gallun’gallgodya in D'harawal. Xanthorrhoea resinosa is a slow growing grass tree which can reach a height of 2.5 metres. They develop a small trunk. They can live for hundreds of years with Xanthorrhoea resinosa being a species that benefits from fire treatment. It is a full sun plant that will cope with light shade. They benefit from group planting due to mycorrhizal associations and need good soil drainage so planting them on a sloping site or sandy soil is ideal. They can also be left in a pot for many years due to their slow growing nature. Grass Trees are susceptible to Pytophthora root rot and do not like being transplanted so slit cuts into the pot's bottom and sides and then bury the pot when planting out to ensure minimal root disturbance. 

Xanthorrhoea resinosa (Grass Tree)

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