A vigorous and twining plant with large yellow flowers in late spring and summer, Hibbertia scandens makes a great  ground cover plant or a twining plant for open wire fences and trelisses. Low maintenance apart from cutting back any stems that wander into unwanted places. A good waterwise plant once it gets established, and tolerant of a wide range of conditions. Good for coastal plantings as it can grow on very sandy soils and is salt tolerant. Can grow in sun or part shade, best flowering is in sunny spots. The seeds are an attractive red, but can produce a burning feeling if eaten.

  • Sun/ part shade
  • Ground cover, climber
  • Height up to 0.5 - 3m
  • Dry, well-drained, sandy or clay loam, potting mix
  • Flowers – Spring - Summer
  • Attracts – Bees, lizards & butterflies
  • Tolerates light frost.

Golden Guinea Flower - Hibbertia Scandens

Tubestock, 140mm Pot size

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