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Citrus australasica 'Rainforest Pearl' (Finger Lime 'Rainforest Pearl') is a red fruited Finger Lime that's grafted meaning it will start bearing fruit quicker than ungrafted Finger Limes. Like ungrafted Finger Limes, 'Rainforest Pearl' is habitat for the Dingy Butterfly, Orchard Swallowtail butterfly and Fuscous butterfly as well as small birds like Fairy Wrens who use the thorny Finger Lime as places to escape predators and a place for nesting. 'Rainforest Pearl' grows 2 to 5 metres tall but usually no more than 2.5 metres. Full sun is prefferd but it will still fruit in light shade. Fertilising will assist fruit production with a similar regime to exotic citrus of a monthly fertiliser application. Don't fertilise citrus trees between flowering and fruiting or the fruit will drop off.

Citrus australasica ' Rainforest Pearl ' (Finger Lime 'Rainforest Pearl') ()

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