Seeds to Success

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Podocarpus spinulosus (Dwarf Plum Pine) is slightly smaller than the Illawarra Pine but it is just as tasty and just as cleverly evolved. Its fruit is in fact an enlarged stem. The usual scenerio is birds grasp onto the hard seed and take the fruit away to the ground  where they stand on the seed, thus planting it, while munching away on the fruit which has a subtle plum taste with a hint of pine.  The fruit can be eaten raw or used in sweet or savoury dishes and jams. Reaching a height of no more than 2 metres and a spread of up to 3 metres, Dwarf Plum Pine loves moist soils with drainage and does well in semi-shaded/filtered light locations but it will also handle full sun. Itis often clambering over rocks. Dwarf Plum Pine will benefit from mulching and gypsum application or mounding if you have clay soils.  Dwarf Plum Pine is moderately frost tolerant. It is native to coastal regions of New South Wales and Queensland.  Dwarf Plum Pine is a perfect spillover palnt for a retaining wall. It tolerates first line of salt (ie sea spray or sea salt laden winds). They also do well in large planter boxes. Being a Podcarpus, you need both a male and a female plant in order to get fruit (dioecious) so we recommend you plant a minimum of 3 plants to ensure fruiting success. 

Podocarpus spinulosus (Dwarf Plum Pine)