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Growing on the beaches of eastern Australia and southern Australia, Scaevola calendulacea (Dune Fan Flower) is a tough low growing groundcover ideal for sandy soils or where the soil has good drainage. With a pretty purple fan-shaped flower that is highly fragrant when mass planted, the tough Dune Fan Flower can be used to replace a high maintenance lawn area or let it tumble down a retaining wall to enjoy those stunning flowers and fruit which occur in abundance.  When the fruit turn from light purple to deep purple, they are at their best for eating. Dune Fan Flower is frost sensitive so plant it in a frost free position. Being a plant that occurs on the beach, it is also salt tolerant so it can also be used around swimming pools.  It often occurs with those plants that form the floral members of the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub which suggests a symbiotic ecological association. Its fruit is eaten by an array of birds and it provides habitat for lizards. 

Scaevola calendulacea (Dune Fan Flower)

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