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Davidsonia pruriens (Davidson's Plum - Northern) is the Queensland Davidson's Plum or Ooray (Murri language groups). It is the tallest griowing of the Davidson's Plum reaching a height of 12 metres making it an excellent tree for stopping views from overlooking buildings. Highly productive with large blue/purple fruits rich in antioxidants, In fact, it contains more antioxidants than blueberries! Rather than use sugar, to increase sweetness, try freezing them then blend them into a smoothie. Davidson's Plum can be used for jams,syrups or eat them fresh from the tree. Davidson's Plum needs a shetered part-shade position with good soil moisture so make sure its kept well mulched in Summer. With cauliflorous (ie occur on the trunk) pretty red to pink flowers, Davidson's Plum is a botanical marvel so place it where you can enjoy it. Numerous bird and fauna species eat its fruit. Davidson's Plum is available in 200mm pot size only.

Davidsonia pruriens (Davidson's Plum - Queensland)

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