A useful small to medium sized shrub as it grows in sheltered half shady positions, where it will happily produce its interesting looking pendulous flowers mainly in winter, with spot flowering through the rest of the year. The flowers are used by smaller nectar loving birds for food. A hardy plant, tolerant of medium to higher frost levels and rarely troubled by pests. Naturally grows dense to the ground, occasional tip pruning will create an even more dense habit. Likes some mulch to create a cool moist root run.


Family: Rutaceae
Scientific Name: Correa baeuerlenii
Common Name: Native Fuchsia
Other Common Names: Chefs Cap
Plant Type: Small shrub
Height: 1.5 ~ 2 metres
Width: 1.5 ~ 2 metres
Flower Colour: Yellow, Green
Flowering Time: Winter, All year
Ph Level: Acid, Neutral
Soil Type: Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Plant Environment: Low maintenance garden, Poolside, Container growing
Climate Zone: Warm temperate, Cool temperate
Light: Light shade, Half shade
Growth Habit: Evergreen, Mound-shaped
Lifespan: Perennial
Soil Moisture: Moist moderate drainage
Propagation Method: Softwood cutting, Semihardwood cutting
Frost Tolerance:         Tolerates heavy frost, Tolerates light frost
Special Uses: Fast growing, Playground friendly
Attracts Wildlife: Nectar eating birds, Other insects

Correa Baeuerlenii - Chef's Hat


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