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Binomial Name:  Cymbidium suave


Common Name:  Native Cymbidium Orchid




Leaves: Long like exotic Cymbidium species, glossy, acuminate, overlapping leaf bases


Stem/Trunk: Stem, fibrous and soft


Flower:  Axillary raceme, pale yellow-brown, cyme, flowers are sweetly scented with a spicey fragrance. Older plants flower profusely


Fruit: Capsule, pendulous


Flowering Period:  August to January


Height:  400mm


Width: 300mm


Habit:  Epiphyte


Aspect:  Part shade. filtered light, grows well in filtered under gum tree species


Soil Type:  Light soils, orchid mix beneficial, old leaf meal and compost beneficial, will not like heavy clays so add river sand if planting in ground


Soil pH:  5.5. to 6.5


Fertiliser Treatment:  Recommend rock minerals, slow release low phosoporus fertiliser suitable for natives, benefits from Seasol when being planted out, benenfits from fish emulsion and blood and bone. Can use pelletised chicken manures also beneficial as a mulch. Benefits from compost being incorporated into the soil when the hole is dug


Mulch:  Eucalyptus mulch (small to fine chips or leaf) is very beneficial for Aussie plants. Sugar cane mulch can be used up top 50mm thickness. Leaf litter. 


Root System:  Contained. Not invasive


Drought Tolerant:  Once established. Benefits from being watered regularly. Misting benefits the plant


Frost Tolerant:  No. Needs to be protected fro frost


Salt Wind Tolerant:  No


Fire Response:  Will die down but re-shoot from the ground with low-heat fires


Host Requred:  No. Does best planted in old tree hollows and logs


Fast Growing: Moderate


Gardens:  Tropical, subtropical, native gardens


Natural Occurrence:  From Cooktown in Queensland to Bega, New South Wales. Grows in moist forests and woodlands. Grows in large old trees with decaying heartwood. Grassy clumps protrude from hollows and cracks within tree trunks


Known Plant Associations:  Eucalyptus species


Known Fauna Associations:  Various moth and butterfly species


Other Information:  Cultural uses are ascribed to this plant species. They can be left in a pot for many years. Suitable for use as an indoor plant.  



Cymbidium suave (Native Cymbidium Orchid)

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