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Some people think Pleiogynium timorense (Burdekin Plum) tastes a little sour but personally, this is one of my favourite Aussie bush tucker fruits and I can't get enough of them. Drought tolerant and highly decorative in fruit, Burdekin Plum's large black-purple fruits pack a punch. If you're a fan of the Northern Territory's 'sour plums' (salted prunes), make sure you buy a Burdekin Plum to forage for our Aussie equivalent treats at whim. You can also eat Burdekin Plum fruits when they're pale green for a less sour taste. They are also popular as jams. They taste best picked and stored in a dark place for a few days or just wash the fruit that's fallen to the ground! They prefer full sun (morning sun) and soil moisture. Burdekin Plum can reach a height of 12 metres. Their flowers and fruit attract a variety of insects and birds.

Pleiogynium timorense (Burdekin Plum)

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