A dense small shrub, which is a compact form of Brown Boronia- Boronia megastigma. This is an outstanding cut flower plant with delightful perfume. Prune straight after flowering. Needs a well drained slightly acid soil and can be short lived, but worth using as a potted plant for the wonderful scent while in bloom. Best in part shade, lightly dappled shade is perfect, also needs shelter from wind. Keep the soil moist but it dislikes being too wet. It likes a cool undisturbed root run, so some mulch is beneficial, and some rocks or a couple of bricks on the soil surface help too.


Family: Rutaceae
Scientific Name: Boronia megastigma
Cultivar: Heaven Scent
Common Name: Boronia
Plant Type: Small shrub
Height: 0.8 metres
Width: 0.5 metres
Flower Colour: Yellow, Brown
Flowering Time: Spring
Ph Level: Neutral
Soil Type: Sandy loam, Potting mix
Plant Environment: Courtyard, Container growing, Flower garden
Climate Zone: Sub-tropical, Warm temperate, Cool temperate, Mediterranean
Light: Sunny, Light shade
Growth Habit: Evergreen
Lifespan: Short lived
Soil Moisture: Well-drained
Special Uses:              Cut flower
Attracts Wildlife: Bees, Butterflies, Other insects

Boronia Heavenly Scent


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