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Pouteria australis syn Planchonella australis is local to the Illawarra and Brisbane Waters regions of New South Wales. It is also known as Black Apple or Yellow Buttonwood  and is a tree than grows up to 30 metres in the wild but usually no more than 10 metres in most parts of Australia. It occurs from north Queensland to the Illawarra. It enjoys morning sun and part shade and prefers soils with good drainage. It responds well to fertiliser. The fruit of Black Apple is of course black with the pulp being white to yellow-purple offering potential for the sweet tasting fruit to be used in deserts dishes as well as for cider, vinegar and juices. It can be kept in a large pot if you don't have a suitable space for it in your garden.

Pouteria australis syn Planchonella australis (Black Apple)

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