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Dianella congesta (Mangard (Noongar) or Beach Flax Lily) is an edible bush food often referred to as an Australian blueberry. Beach Flax Lily has large blue to purple fruits and very tough grass-like leaves. Beach Flax Lily occurs on coastal dunes between Rockhampton and Wollongong, carrying its fruit in tight bunches on arching stems which are mosty sitting at the same height as the leaves. The binomial name refers to the congested nature of the leaves and fruit as most species of Dianella produce fruits in open sprays above the leaves. The delicate small blue through to purple and lilac coloured flowers of the Beach Flax Lily are another feature. Beach Flax Lily grows to a maximum height of 1 metre and will grow in a range of conditions from shade through to full sun with morning sun preferred. They prefer soils that drain. Beach Flax Lily is a host plant for both the Large Dingy Skipper and the Yellow Banded Dart butterflies.

Dianella congesta (Beach Flax Lily)

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