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Rubus probus (Atherton Raspberry) is a larger version of the exotic raspberry only its fruit is sweet with a slight tangy taste and is more fragile to hold. Atherton Raspberry is a bramble that grows in both full sun and part shade, reaching a height of 2 metres. It can be used to create a barrier hedge as an alternative to a fence. Atherton Raspberry can also be used as a replacement for the exotic blackberry weed and lantana, providing habitat for birds, reptiles and mammals. Alternatively, place it in a large pot to ensure it doesn't get out of hand. Atherton Raspberry copes well with pruning to maintain a manageable thicket should you feel the need to tame this wondrous wild creature. It occurs in rainforests from Tasmania to north Queensland so it won't say no to a bit of extra water while establishing. Atherton Raspberry's bright red fruits can be used to make jams and syrups or deocorations for cakes (eg lemon myrtle cake) but they can also be enjoyed raw.

Rubus probus (Atherton Raspberry)

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