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We are writing to you from our beautiful native plant nursery at La Perouse where we are based and we are still hard at work nurturing our beautiful native plants during these difficult times of lock-down and isolation. Last week our young staff planted 50 Old man saltbush plants which are are part of our bushfood range. We also specialise in the Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS) which is Sydney's coastal heath bushland. ESBS is currently critically endangered between La Perouse & North Head. ESBS and native bushfood plants are for sale online at

What our Nursery has on Offer !!!

FINGER LIMES We are now starting to see the fruits of our labour. Our fingerlimes (native citrus) are looking amazing after 12 months in the ground and are producing quality limes. You too can be enjoying these exquisite and tasty native foods. Just click the link below to buy now. Go on, be brave, I dare you. Click Here

GREVILLEA WINTER WONDER Get a bit of colour in the garden with insect and bird attracting plants. Grevillea Winter Wonder is one of those plants available now on our online store. Click Here

EASTERN SUBURBS BANKSIA SCRUB (ESBS) Are you passionate about critically endangered plants because we are. That's one of the reason's we grow ESBS because it is critically endangered from La Perouse to North Head along the Sydney coast. This is an extremely important plant community for coastal Aboriginal people and local native fauna. Beautiful Bossiaea Heterophylla is one of these endangered plants. Available now at IndigiGrow Visit our store via the link below ! Click Here

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