Seeds to Success

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Five Corners
Five Pillars

IndigiGrow has 5 core pillars.
Health & Wellbeing. Education. Employment & Training. Economic Development and Retail.


Inspired by the Five Corners plant. These five pillars are represented through the natural elements - Earth, Water, Sun, Seeds & Branches. Like nature, these pillars work together to achieve a greater whole.

Health & Wellbeing



Our practices at IndigiGrow nourish the mind, body & soul. We are advocates for a healthy lifestyle with everything we do and especially through the sharing of natural native bush foods.

Cultural Education is delivered by engaging Aboriginal cultural teachers who hold knowledge around traditional uses of plants including food and medicine to teach young Aboriginal students and also educate the wider community. 

Units of work have been developed by principals and teachers for young people to learn science and technology around bush foods. 

This includes commercial sales, plants and bushfood products and plant supplies to community and general public. 

Economic Development

Employment & Training

We would not only like to grow bush foods but set up a distribution hub where small indigenous producers could supply us and the collective contribution of these producers enables us to service larger commercial contacts for this product which is now in great demand. 

Also by connecting Indigenous people to all parts of the supply chain we can help grow the tiny number of Indigenous people not only growing but processing and selling this product.

IndigiGrow aims to provide many employment & training opportunities for Indigenous people in horticulture, landscaping, education, tour guiding and product design.