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IndigiGrow, a new venture from First Hand Solutions, sustains people, land and culture through the propagation of native plants, including bush food and the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub.


We seek to deliver positive environmental projects through research and rejuvenation of endangered plants, mass urban plantings creating carbon credits, improving the general atmosphere and amenity of industrial and urban precincts, and providing retail and wholesale native plants for sale.


Running Educational programs will ensure that the cultural knowledge of our people is understood, protected and respected. This project will be a working model that shows city dwellers how to live sustainably, We will use composting worm farms, solar energy to reticulate our water and will reduce our footprint on the environment whilst saving, and replenishing many native species that are important to our culture and the local eco-system. We will educate people about our plants, and break down cultural barriers through better understanding and appreciation. 



The education arm of IndigiGrow is being developed at La Perouse Public School with the aim of setting up an educational garden around the critically endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub which is made up of 65 core plant species.The school has a remnant patch of this endangered community of  which there is only 2.8% left.


This project will be a model. The main emphasis of the IndigiGrow project, however will be the establishment of the Bushfoods Hub. 

A project that will support many Aboriginal regional small, medium and larger producers of raw bushfoods products to cost effectively store, process, package, value add and sell their bushfoods products to the world.

Our evidence shows that this is the next stage to ensuring that the Bushfoods industry and emerging Indigenous growers can be supported and sustainable.