Seeds to Success

Midyim Berry 3
Peanut Fruit
Native Ginger 6
Gumbi Gumbi 4
Lemon Myrtle 3
Bracychitonn bidwillii 3
Pink Lime Berry 2
Bracychitonn bidwillii 9
Davidson's Plum -Northern 3
Native Mulberry 2
Burdekin Plum 3
Micromelum 2
Wild Parnsip 1
Hibiscus heterophyllus 2
Wild Parsnip 3
We will reopen  from Saturday 2nd January

We will be back to normal operating hours of 8am - 4pm Tuesday to Friday and 8am - 3pm on Saturdays.


All plants will have 20% off - please not it is only available in store and doesn't apply to online


We wish our wonderful customers and supporters a wonderful christmas and new year.


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Use The First Pedestrian Gate
Corner of Bunnerong Road & Yarra Road, La Perouse Public School
La Perouse  NSW  2036

Styphelia triflora

(Five Corners Fruit)

 just one of a number of plants significant to our people IndigiGrow is trying to bring back from the brink



     Seeds to Success

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